Rwandan prominent musician Kizito Mihigo, who was recently arrested and detained on allegations that he tried to escape to Burundi, has been killed.
Its believed the 38-year-old was tortured and later strangled to death at Remera Police Station.
After brutally murdering him, on orders from Criminal Paul Kagame, they then made it look like it was a case of suicide.

Kizito Mihigo had just come out of Prison, after serving 10 years of imprisonment for composing a song that was about uniting Rwandans, and other fake charges.Kizito Mihigo

The death of Kizito Mihigo has shocked all walks of life in Rwanda.
He survived the interahamwe genocidals, and spent most of his time helping genocide survivors in Rwanda to heal from their trauma.
Later, it would be the RPF regime that would brutally murder him!
The popularity of Kizito Mihigo as a gospel artist, can be compared to that of Bobi Wine of Uganda.

Rest in Peace!!

Joram Jojo